My goals for June

First of all, this was inspired by []. Thank you Abby! It’s a great post. 
These are my goals for June:

1. going to the gym: my goal is to visit my gym 3 times a week. I will also try to eat healthier. Consistently visiting the gym as well as eating better (less sugar and less junk food does wonders).

2. Be more punctual: I have serious issues with tardiness – I am late so often, people now expect that from me. I need plan better. 

3. My laziness: This is my biggest problem. This is the reason why I did not reach my life goals yet. I need to distinguish legitimate reasons and cheap excuses.

4. New skills: Now that I have some time, I would like to learn more about a programming language. These days there are tutorials for pretty much everything on Youtube. My goal is to spend 10 hours each week. 

5. Career: *no details … sorry* My goal is to spend 5 – 10 hours a week.

6. New daily planner: My first attempt in May failed. I know why. This is attempt #2.

7. Friends: Reconnect with long lost friends. 
I realize that this is a mountain. I may not necessarily complete all, but I am expecting progress in each. 

I will follow up on this next month to report my results.

Let me know what you think or if you have any tips or suggestions.

Thank you for reading and have a great day!
PS: challenge completed


2 thoughts on “My goals for June

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  1. You’re welcome for the idea haha! I can’t wait to see a follow up and I hope you reach all of your goals! I’ve tried keeping a planner before.. it didn’t work either. It just ended up in the back of my desk drawer not to be touched again. The same thing happened when I tried to have a journal… that’s why I started a blog because journaling was something I couldn’t keep up with for some reason

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  2. Good luck for reaching your goals – not that you need it, I’m sure you’re working very hard to achieve them 😉 looking forward to reading the follow-up post!


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